Food swapping comes to the Community Centre…do you bake, preserve or keep chickens?

Food swapping has been featured so much recently on the radio, TV and all the papers. Now you won’t have far to go to try it out!

The whole idea is really simple. You make a few extra of your home made specialities and bring them along to the food swap. You set out what you have to swap then look through whatever everyone else has brought.

Offers are all made in a really easy, friendly way and there’s no pressure to take home anything you’re not sure of! No money changes hands and you will be amazed by what you go home with.

Ideas for things to swap…

Fruit and veg from the garden or allotment
Crumbles and pies
Craft items
Plants and seeds
Homemade sweets
Anything else you can think of!

To book your (free) space visit Apples for Eggs

The first swap is scheduled for Saturday May 31st


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