Christmas Carols on Thursday!

christmas carol invite – 1 up

Come one, come all – 6pm on Pinnocks Green (straight in front of you as you come on to Pinnocks) on Thursday night, we will be enjoying warm mince pies and mulled wine or juice and singing a few carols. Bring a torch if you have one!

Robyn has designed an amazing flyer, which you will hopefully be receiving soon if you live in Dean Court, but you can only see it online if you click on the link above – my technical expertise is so low I haven’t a clue how to put the picture in! On which note, if anyone is better at manipulating WordPress blogs than me (doesn’t take much!!), please, come help us with uploading our content!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Carols on Thursday!

  1. Hi Anna!

    The invitation looks great. I wish I could help you with the blog, but it’s gone into the ether for me . . . I can’t imagine how I ever did it. So sorry.

    Hope to see you maybe tomorrow? Or this evening if it’s not too late . . .


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