Day 135: It’s hard keeping everyone happy!

Graham is a bit worried that I didn’t take enough pictures of the Cluttons’ team at work, so here are some more.  Those nicely beveled corners were done by me.  Ian is a bit more generous at letting me help out on site than Gordon is.



DSC00009 crop


Nick, though, is a bit worried that the G-Team isn’t fulfilling its social responsibilities, and suggests that they might spend a day down at Cluttons, helping out on their computers.  I think they’d be better employed helping out in my garden, but I don’t think either he or Graham were serious.

Anyway, they won’t have time.  At the moment the team are planning their Christmas calendar. and it’s going to take ages to round up a volunteer for each month and to find Graham a genuine ten-gallon hat.


3 thoughts on “Day 135: It’s hard keeping everyone happy!

  1. Just great to see how the centre is coming on and to have the help from Cluttons folk was brilliant. They will now know just how hard everyone has worked to make this a community project – and that really is down to your vision and drive – encouraging others to come along with you. I truly hope that it becomes a thriving centre of the community…

    1. Thanks for your support, Helen! Though to be fair, credit goes to Anna and the ever-evolving management team. And, of course, to the building team. What I have is very big colonial sized feet and an absolute determination not to see a fine building wasted. Like you, I really hope this will become a thriving centre for Dean Court and beyond.

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