Day 120: Should we banish G-words?

Perhaps we should when G stands for Grumpy. But here, to cheer everyone up, (mostly me!) are some pictures of the plasterers’ work:

Firstly, the foyer:


And the main hall:


Main hall from the kitchen:


And here is the plaster being mixed:


Impressive?  Or what?  And these guys travel up from south London every morning and back every evening.  Without, it seems, being grumpy at all!

We need to finalise colours urgently!  If you have ideas, please get in touch and I’ll send you links to the websites we are looking at.


2 thoughts on “Day 120: Should we banish G-words?

  1. Wow – really coming on well Priscilla. Colour is so important in this type of building – but sadly I am not the person to say anything as I don’t really know what would be good. I guess it depends on what ambiance you want to create… Hope others come up with more constructive thoughts!

    1. The ambiance we want is, above all, welcoming! Walls generally probably something neutral (we don’t want to clash with wedding designs) but we’d like to create a bit of excitement as well . . .

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