Day 94: We all need a tall friend!

I have been trying for ages to get a picture of the roof over the western extension, and returning from the OCLT open evening on Friday, my tall friend took this for us:


There is a link to OCLT (Oxford Community Land Trust) on the website, and if you’re not sure what they are about, it’s worth investigating.  Inspired by Quakers Tony Crofts and the late Betty Rostance, land between Pinnocks Way and Eynsham Road has been purchased by the Trust for local housing for local people with the proviso that the land will always belong to the community.

It’s a great idea, and one that will sit well with our new community centre.  The underlying principle is that people take responsibility for their own community, working on a co-operative basis.  It’s not unlike how the Pinnocks Way community worked when it was first set up . . . but that’s another bandwagon.

Meanwhile, please look out for our roof – and for the rest of our building.  And, kids: I know it’s hard to resist an adventure, and roofs are a real draw, but, as with OCLT, there needs to be a contract between us.  Together, we make this building and together we care for it.  It’s for all of us.  And Kia Mataara!


2 thoughts on “Day 94: We all need a tall friend!

  1. Good Morning
    I would be interested to see how this roof is in keeping with the surrounding area?
    Also can you tell my why the two other extensions have tiled roofs?
    I look forward to your reply.

    1. Good afternoon, Darren,
      The main roof, of course, has always been tiled, and the eastern extension, being a slightly enlarged replacement of the original lounge, was rebuilt as near as possible to the original, having been covered by the insurance.
      For the roof over the entirely new western extension, with its shallow pitch, it seemed sensible to use the Kingspan option. This has the insulation already built in and, being a prefabricated system, it is a lot more economical: no “wet” trades to be co-ordinated and paid for, and the whole thing done and dusted in not much more than a day. Its environmental credentials are good and the colour we chose was the nearest possible to the tiled roofs.
      I’ll check with Gordon tomorrow if there is anything else.
      I hope you’ll get to love it before long!
      Best wishes – PW

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