Day 80: Can you make this space sing for us?


This is where our Fun Day will be held next Monday, the August bank holiday.  As you may notice, it’s a bit . . . well, perhaps one might describe it as shaggy!

Do you happen to have a petrol-driven strimmer which you could wield to tidy it up for us?

And  / or could you provide us with some live music between 1pm and 3pm? There will be Zumba at 3, and Paraguayan harp to close the day at 3.40.  But up until then the world is your oyster.  And if no-one offers, Anna and I will still be in disagreement as to what CD’s to play right up until the start.  And to be honest, we have more fruitful things to be doing.

We have loads of fun things in store: tea tent, cakes, local produce, fab Indian food, craft tables, human fruit machine, tombola . . . and how would you fancy decorating a doorstop for yourself or for a gift that is a real piece of the emerging community centre?  You’ll have to come along to see what I mean.  Unless you are one of my neighbours, who will have been hearing the sander going which is, no doubt, a lot more therapeutic for me than it is for them.

But it’s all in a good cause.  No, it’s all in a GREAT cause.  Be there!


2 thoughts on “Day 80: Can you make this space sing for us?

  1. Just SO sorry that Harmony InSpires is not able to sing on Monday. Too many of us already had commitments – including me sadly. Hope we can support Dean Court Fund Raising another time….

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