Day 72: Multi-tasking is Us

A couple of decades ago, the then PM, Mrs Thatcher, told us that the world of work was changing: that in the future, we would all be moving about with our skills and tools or with our portfolios under our arms, picking up work all over the country. Or, indeed, the world.

Even if you weren’t on the side of the Iron Lady, you could see the likelihood of that happening. and sometimes, it makes very good sense.  So the brickie team, having done as much as they can here for now . . .


. . . are off to another site; Fred is completing the ceilings for the office:


and the kitchen:


and will be on his way this afternoon.  But deputy site manager Graham is sticking with us for the duration.  Which is really nice, even if he doesn’t want to be pictured at the sink using his transferable skills . . .



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