Dean Court Fun Day – Looking for Volunteers and Donations


Hi All,

The Dean Court Fund Raising Fun Day is taking place on the 26th of August from 1pm to 4pm and for now we are looking for volunteers and donations to support the afternoon activities.  The purpose of the day is to not only raise money for the new centre but also to have fun as a community and make new friends and connections.

For now we are looking for your assistance in a number of areas either from families or businesses:


  • organise the fun day
  • run a stall
  • assist in making or selling food
  • assist with setting up
  • provide entertainment options such as music, dance or magicians


If you are not able to run a stall but might have something which could be sold or used for a stall then depending on what it is we would love to take donations either before the day or on the day itself.  Use the contact details below to arrange a donation.

Ideas for donations:

  • arts and crafts materials
  • food (cakes / snacks / savoury food / non-alcoholic drinks)
  • quality bric-a-brac
  • items to sell at a craft stall (jewellery / hats / photo frames etc)
  • material for bunting

Contact details:

Priscilla Waugh

01865 863189

Image: ‘scalloped fabric garland
scalloped fabric garland


4 thoughts on “Dean Court Fun Day – Looking for Volunteers and Donations

  1. I am surprised you are having the fun day on the 26th which is on a Monday. I thought it would be better to have it on the 25th which is a Sunday because a lot of the parents would be working on the Monday. Just a thought.

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