Day 63: Lisa is getting the hang of her new space

Yesterday the Oxford Mail came for another photo of our project.  It felt like one of those competitions: “How many students can you fit into a telephone box?”  (remember those?) only it was along the lines of  “How many police officers can you fit into the (proposed) Dean Court police room?”

But today, our PCSO Lisa has it all to herself and it seems about right . . .

DSC00006 cropped, enhanced

Lisa, together with Justin Andrewes of Sovereign Housing, will be organising a litter pick of the playground and surrounding areas on Saturday 10th August, starting at 11am.

Local youth offered to clean the graffiti off Sovereign’s garages, but as the chemicals required have H&S issues, Lisa and Justin have organised a litter pick in lieu.  And because they really appreciate the kids’ offer, Sovereign will be offering refreshments and prizes.

Local residents will have had Lisa’s call to action through their doors, and a really good turnout is hoped for.  It will be fun and very, very rewarding!


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