Day 62: Have a preview of our streamlined roof profile!


Just above the yellow storage shed you can see the roof profile of the new west wing of our building.  This will give the youth room more head room and the new south facing windows opening on to the play park will give it loads more light.  Kids, I think you are going to love this new space.


One of the team giving it shape is Fred, and by the end of the day this pile of wood will be well gone and there will be loads of triangular shaped cut-offs which could be usefully turned into door wedges.  A bit of sandpaper, maybe a bit of colour and hey presto!  You could buy a piece of history at the Dean Court FUNdraising day on 26th August.  And if you are looking for a productive way to spend some of these long summer hours, you could even make some.  Get in touch!


4 thoughts on “Day 62: Have a preview of our streamlined roof profile!

  1. So pleased to see you back from the imposed exile you and the blog have been subjected to . . . and we get a bonus if 2 days worth on the same day. Nirvana. (that’s not my name! John’s my name)

  2. its so nice to see you back reporting on the blog.its so interesting seeing the hall built. I come from witney and know someone whos doing the work there.

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