Day 59: Page 3 girls is Not Us. We prefer birdcages.

I fell about laughing last week when I opened the biscuit tin returned by Graham to find a Page 3 girl carefully cut out placed in the bottom.  We have this ongoing disagreement about what a sexist rag the Sun is (me) and how liberating a paper it is to give girls professional modeling work (Graham).  The rest of the team kind of sits on the fence, but I note they were all in on the joke, and one suspects their sympathies lie with Graham.  It’s a bloke thing.

But they are great blokes.  While the scaffolders have been in constructing a birdcage:


(this is a construction to provide raised platform from which to build the ceiling):


Gordon, Graham and Nick have been displaced from their normal activities.

But this is an ace team.  And to be honest, I don’t really care what they read.


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