Day 52: Boyz! Get a trade!

I can see the attraction of building sites.  And I can see that however many excuses well-meaning adults may make for kids that have “nothing to do” the fact is that they need to make their own things to do and a lot of the time that is going to include that powerful feeling of being an outlaw.

So no doubt the best thing to do is to grit ones teeth and just hope the phase doesn’t go on for too long or do much damage.  Because the thrill of having your exploits out there on the world-wide web is easy and it is cheap but it is short.  Whereas being part of making something like this:


Well I just don’t think it could compare.

So while the meetings go on in offices and plans and schedules are drawn up and discussed – and I’m not knocking it, because I know it’s all part of the package – the real creative work happens here and the down-to-earth solutions to problems will very likely come from the experience of the team on the ground.

Get a life! Get a trade!


2 thoughts on “Day 52: Boyz! Get a trade!

  1. Hi Jeannine! Thanks for being my most loyal reader! I didn’t mean today’s to be another tirade against Disaffected Yoof! I was wandering through the building feeling so excited by the fantastic job that the team is doing that I wanted somehow to get across how marvelous it would be to make something with meaning rather than just vent anger. But then I was a very angry teenager too. And absolutely determined to be misunderstood. . .

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