Day 51: Goodbye, Little Digger

I never even got the chance to drive it, but little Kubota EXO 92 has done its job and is leaving us.


Although there will still be ground work to do, the focus at present is on the building itself: openings, lintels and tidying up the block and brick work. And I can just see myself ordering a g&t at the bar to help me think about my next scrabble move:


The new community centre won’t be ready for this year’s Fun Day (late summer bank holiday, Monday, 26th August) but you will be able to see our building well on the way to completion.  From the outside.

So please, put it in your diary now and start saving those pennies (even better, pound coins) because we are going to need to do some serious fund raising.  Prior to that, on Sunday, Sunday 11th, the AGM will be held in the great Dean Court tradition of Meeting with Cake at St Andrews.  If you like cake, (or even if you don’t) you should definitely put yourself forward for the management team. Seriously.  We need you!


2 thoughts on “Day 51: Goodbye, Little Digger

  1. A ‘little digger’ sounds like a short Australian or NZ soldier who has seen service (Wikipedia adds the NZ so it must be true, although I had thought it was only the Aussies).

    Actually, Wikipedia also says: The Diggers were a group of Protestant English agrarian communists,[begun by Gerrard Winstanley as True Levellers in 1649, who became known as Diggers, because of their attempts to farm on common land.

    The latter is possibly slightly more apropos.

    1. All true. It’s also used as a mark of friendship in NZ (and perhaps Australia?) akin to “Mate”. My claim to friendship with EXO 92 is a bit fanciful, because Graham kept him under such close supervision, but he (they!) did a great job on the site. Of course (she said shamelessly) you can read about the Diggers and the Levellers in the excellent book “Searching the Thames” by . . . let me think now . . . oh, yes! Denis and Priscilla Waugh

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