Day 41: Graham is a different kind of Foreman

It is interesting to have two foremen on site.  Their methods are very different.  Whereas, in the absence of the scaffolders who were supposedly to be there first thing this morning, I suspect that Gordon might have been shouting down the phone, Graham gets to his knees . . .


and, just to cover all options, prostrates himself . . .


To be honest, I think his multi-tasking skills alone are worthy of reward (I am impressed with the way that 4″ loo pipe is being covered), but whatever it takes . . .


. . . and something seems to have worked.  The scaffolding has arrived!


4 thoughts on “Day 41: Graham is a different kind of Foreman

  1. Just SO interesting to get this insight into the process of the building… Thanks for all the information Priscilla.

    1. Thanks for keeping up with it! I’m learning a lot – like how to take a joke if you want to be on site. I suppose that if you make them, you have to be ready to take them!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work on the blog, Priscilla (almost equivalent to the hard work on the building site!) Really enjoying keeping up with the project. What’s the projected completion date? Are we having some kind of opening ceremony/celebration?

    1. I knew someone would ask that! Hopefully we could be in by October. And an opening celebration? We’ll be talking about that tomorrow evening! Also how we could become an Eco Centre, 7.45pm. My place. Everyone welcome! Just let me know if you are coming so I’ll know whether we are likely to need the town hall . . .

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