Day 40: Come back Gordon!

You’re a great general.  And I’ll never call you grumpy again!

I don’t mean to say that the team can’t work without him.  It’s just that without him doing his Rommel thing, the site looks . . . well,  more like a building site.  And if there’s one thing an obsessive like me can really relate to, it’s an immaculate site.


Graham is in charge meanwhile and if you are reading this, Natasha, I’m counting on you to keep your dad up to the mark!

Meanwhile, everyone is impressed with the standard of work here.  Thanks to the team’s support of Dave’s knitting the front of the building is looking good:


And Nick reckons the view from the kitchen window is going to be OK:


But where is our hero?  Were Anna’s delicious brownies not up to scratch?  Is he just fed up with the shortbread biscuits?  Neither of these would be enough to send an ordinary bloke off in a flurry of talcum powder, but with a great general, perhaps you just never know . . .?


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