Day 37: We will be letting in the sunshine . . .

. . . well, eventually we will.  There will be windows on the south-facing wall, so one of these days there will be real happy smiling little faces peering in from the playground. This may not happen for a while, for reasons both of cost and of security.  But preparation is being made while the going is good.  (And meanwhile, if you happen to know of a philanthropist who is looking for a worthwhile project to support, do put them in touch!)

Day 37003

Needless to say, for every bit of demolition there is stuff to be carted away.  Yesterday I took a tour of Dix Pitt landfill site where this load will probably be going, and a Day Out at the Dump may not be everyone’s idea of fun, but I can tell you, it was brilliant.

Day 37004

And before I go for more fun outings – just so you are aware of what a fantastic job we are getting on our community centre, have a look at Dave’s knitting:

Day 37007


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