Day 35: Curtain up on a scene of amazing progress!


Everyone passing the site is mightily impressed with the progress being made on our community centre.  Even better, they are coming up with fantastic ideas on how they would like to see it used.  Today’s ideas were Karate classes and an outreach clinic for elderly people who find that walk down Elms Road to Botley Medical Centre just a bit much.

We have certainly been lucky in the team allotted to us. Have a look at the brickwork on the children’s room:


And on the new west wing:


The bricks match those of the old building well-nigh perfectly, but I think ours are better laid.

This surely has to be F.J.Williams’  A-Team (Thank you, F.J.W!) and the site management reminds one of the Mini plant at Cowley, where storage is minimal and valuable materials don’t come on site until the team is ready to use them.  Gordon is an ace site manager.  He may be a bit grumpy and wish I wasn’t there every day, but, hey – you don’t get everything.


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