Day 33: Raising the walls to create spaces

This is a really exciting bit, where you can start to feel the spaces created by the building team.  The children’s room on the eastern wing (the playground is behind us):

Day 33 001

The front of the building, with kitchen and office front of the main hall:

Day 33 007

And the new activity room and storage area on the west wing (The youth room, with windows now blocked up,  is to the rear, at the top of the picture):

   Day 33 006


2 thoughts on “Day 33: Raising the walls to create spaces

  1. Hoping there will be lots of storage space available!! That tends to be the thing that lands up being too small – and then storage for users becomes a real problem… Looks like really good progress being made in the building process..

  2. Understood! We have been very aware of that issue all through and think you will be pleased with the design: a bulk storage room near the loos and a decent sized floor-to ceiling cupboard in the main hall – we have also been aware of the difficulties of manouvering (how do you spell that?) awkward equipment round corners . . .

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