Day 28: Enter Steve from the Oxford Mail

Photographer Steve Wheeler of the Oxford Mail has been down to the site today to get an idea about what the stolen timbers look like.   Fortunately, there was just one left, but to see what it looks like (apart from a piece of wood) you’ll have to watch out for a picture of it in the paper.  Maybe you’ll even see me holding it.  Before that, though, here is a picture of Steve booking in his next assignment.

Day 16 20.5.13 009

On site, meanwhile, the building work doesn’t stop.  While Graham and Nick continue excavating the west wing, we have a chance to see what has happened on the east.

Day 16 20.5.13 003

The damp proof membrane has gone down on top of the sand, and the waste pipe for the disabled loo outside the children’s room has been laid.

Thank you if you commented on the blog.  I am convinced that to build your own shelter is a very basic human instinct, and this is a great opportunity for us all to get to know our building from the very beginning.


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