Day 16: There will be light!

The windows for the main hall have been marked out which will mean welcome light from the south side and a view on to the playground.

Day 16 20.5.13 002

Meanwhile, thanks to the new pitched roof on the eastern extension, the rafters from the ceiling of the old youth room will be redundant.  But they could make excellent planters for wildflowers, herbs or perhaps vegetables for a luncheon club.  Neil is looking into stuff like this for us with the help of Moira Dorey of Brookes University.  It is possible that with a bit of green thinking, our community centre could be one of the fist in Oxfordshire to fly the Eco Centre flag.

Gordon is carefully removing and storing the timbers.  If you live nearby and can help by storing them until the end of building, that would be fantastic.  If you can’t offer storage space, but have a good view of the site, please help by keeping an eye open for anyone removing anything from the precincts outside of working hours.



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