Day 10: A site for sore eyes

I know I tend to wind people up with the boring little mantra that a tidy site / bedroom / workplace is a happy one.  It is clear, though, that  Gordon knows how to run a site.

Day 011

Mind you, neighbour Mokbal, proprietor of the excellent Bangla Kitchen in Elms Rise has been dropping off the most delicious food (try his onion bhajis!) and that would make anyone happy.

Day 003

Suitably fortified, Graham has been working alongside our man Gordon all week.  Watching Graham  doing some nifty foot / wheel work  preparing for the western extension footings it occurred to me that we could be lucky enough to have the contractors’  “A” Team at work here.

Hopefully, our G-men (as in Gordon and Graham) will be able to salvage the sound timbers from the old building for use as planters outside the new centre, but amidst the thousands of bricks and tons of sand and ballast arriving next week, that will be a test of site organisation!


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