Day 4 and we are in business!

Day 4002

Along with an extra secure storage facility for equipment, the site office has been delivered. This means that Gordon can now hide from the camera. Bother. But he has been busy demolishing the interior brick wall between the old male and female toilets. The new ones will be unisex, up-to-date and much more inviting. Go to the Pitt Rivers Museum if you want to see how well unisex toilets work. And have a look at the museum while you’re there. The kids will love it.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 and we are in business!

  1. Congratulations Priscilla – on all the hardwork, perseverance and determination which have got results! Katie

    1. Thanks, Katie! These are exciting times, but what a team! Alas, I can’t take all the credit. DCCA Chair Anna Pearson, project manager Stuart Larkin and our ace Councillor Judy Roberts are needed on every project I reckon. I just make the noises.

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