More cake? Don’t mind if I do…

You may have seen the posters advertising that we are holding a Special General Meeting at 3pm next Sunday, 29th January, at St Andrew’s Church. Besides being another opportunity to come and eat cake with us, the meeting is being held in order to wind up the Dean Court Community Centre Association (DCCCA) and set up the Dean Court Community Association (DCCA), which will be a charitable company. The change may mean one less “C” but that carries a whole lot more meaning. The Association is about more than just a building; it is about a whole community – one that will be centred on the vibrant new Dean Court Community Centre.

The new structure will give us more credibility with other organisations and allow us to move forwards. There are also implications for membership and the way the company would be dissolved if necessary. The central aim of growing our community in Dean Court remains unchanged and we very much hope that you will join with us in moving forwards into a new phase! Please do come along if you can, as we want to represent the whole community.

Our full January newsletter can be found here.

The draft constitution of the proposed charitable company is based on standard ‘models’ for our type of organisation and can be found here.


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